Our Mission

We believe in the endless pursuit of "better"

Algofy is made up of an extremely diverse set of individuals that have come together for a common purpose.

As our logo suggests, we are intrigued by the concept of infinity. It ties into our philosophy of how we analyze data, work towards streamlined processes, and interact with people. The foundation of our philosophy is based on the mission to always strive forward, to adapt, to pursue "better".

Yet we realize we can't go on this journey alone. We've grown from a shared dream of 3 individuals in 2017 to a highly motivated up-and-coming digital services company - with offices in the US and Spain and clients in over 10 different countries. Our fast growth is largely attributed to the strong relationships we have with our clients, who share our vision for continuous improvement.

And the beautiful thing is we're just getting started...

Meet Our Team

Bret Thompson 🇺🇸

CEO & Partner
[email protected]

Charlie Becker 🇺🇸

Amazon Lead & Partner
[email protected]

Kristian Gosvig 🇩🇰

Head of Performance & Partner
[email protected]

Adam Schweitzer 🇺🇸

SEM Account Manager
[email protected]


Anna Perez 🇪🇸

Senior SEM Manager
[email protected]

Ana Valiente Ortega 🇨🇴

Director of Social Accounts
[email protected]


Patricio Sanchez 🇦🇷

Amazon Data Engineer
[email protected]


Marta De Giovannini 🇮🇹

Amazon Advertising Specialist
[email protected]


Vytautas Grybas 🇱🇹

SEM Account Manager
[email protected]

Alona Sokolyanskaya

Alona Sokolyanskaya 🇷🇺

Creative & Design
[email protected]

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