A Marketer’s Ode to Gen Z

Although, you’re named after the last letter in the alphabet
You’re not least, a generation shaped by the internet
Zuckerberg turned your life upside down
Traditional Mad Men tricks make you frown

So online marketers like me try to evolve and adapt
With new strategies to make you like and interact
But how difficult you prove to crack
Oh Gen Z, won’t you love me back! 

Videos are the way to keep you engaged
Cause your attention span is slightly disarranged
The entire world at your fingertips
Social media and you, a love-hate relationship

Endless posts on your feed
You share more Stories than you need
I’m trying to find the right time to show you this ad
Doing my best to capitalize on the newest fad

Multiple channels is better than one
Dolly Parton showed us how it’s done
Changing my content according to that meme
Wondering if it’s still cool, or too mainstream

The opinion of others is what you trust
Convenience and speed is your drug
You like to be just one voice of the many
Nope, that’s #fakenews, you need to be legendary

So do me a favor, never change
You’re perfect – beautiful and a little strange
And whether you like me back or not
Don’t you want to buy this teapot?

Adel Kalozdi

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