Amazon Launches in the Netherlands

By Charlie Becker, on March 16, 2020

When Amazon officially launched in the Netherlands on Tuesday, March 10th, it was quietly its largest launch event in the e-commerce giant’s history. Over a thousand new local retailers registered on the platform within the first few hours, joining the thirty thousand international retailers that were already present at launch.

In comparison, Amazon has most recently launched in other countries like Australia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and Singapore but with significantly fewer retailers:

Number Of Retailers Participating
In Amazon Launch

March 10th’s launch has gone a bit under the radar as Amazon has been selling e-books for Amazon Kindle in the Netherlands since 2014, as well as providing access to three million items from since 2016.

However, this is certainly a positive sign for future launches in Europe which benefit from unique features like Pan-European FBA and other consistent regulations and fees that allow EU retailers to easily keep up as Amazon adds more countries to its portfolio.

It’s worth noting the Netherlands is Amazon’s 16th global marketplace and their sixth in Europe, alongside the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. It’s rumored the Nordics, as well as Poland, are next — so stay tuned!

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